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  • A new, "dancing" bird discovered in Colombia

    BOGOTA, Oct. 21 (Xinhua) -- The city of Cali in southwest Colombia on Monday celebrated the discovery of a new bird species endemic to the region.

    Dubbed the "Tororoi Bailador," or "Dancing Tororoi," the 8-centimeter brown-feathered tiny bird was discovered at Cali's Farallones National Park by researchers from the Icesi University.

    Tororoi's "very timid" nature makes it elusive and hard to detect, Gustavo Londono, an ornithologist and member of the Icesi research team, told reporters.

    "It is even more surprising to discover a new bird for science in what is basically Cali's garden," added Londono.

    Cali's city hall has posted a video of the bird on its Twitter account. "Colombia has the largest diversity of birds in the world, and Cali is the national city with the most species," it said.

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